Water Retention Feldolling

The flood retention basin Feldolling has been foreseen as a component of the flood protection measures...

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Impounding of the Assiut barrage, Egypt

The Assiut Barrage is located on the Nile, 400 km upstream of Cairo. The main purpose of the barrage is to secure the diversion of irrigation water from the river Nile to the Ibrahimia Canal to Gizeh...

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Elementary thinking and planning

We want to protect and create benefits

Elements have always fascinated people regarding both, creating and destroying existence. This very day it is still a motivating dream to control this force.

It is our challenge to handle these forces, too. RMD-Consult GmbH mostly focuses its considerations, planning and proceedings on the element of water. In this process, we always bear in mind both sides of the coin: protection against destruction by water and the use of this element.

With the element water as a starting point, it is not a long stretch to regard the element fire as an energy source. We are also considering how to use this energy profitably. Whether solar energy, biomass or fossil fuel –  many of the fascinated and highly motivated specialists at RMD-Consult GmbH are still pursuing the dream of commanding sources of energy.

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